Our guest today is Slim Moon, the founder of the record label Kill Rock Stars.


KRS put out two Elliott Smith albums, the self-titled record (1995) and Either/Or (1997), so Slim had pretty much a front row seat as he saw Elliott firmly establish himself as a successful solo artist.


As you can imagine, Slim has some incredible stories to tell – both about his favourite song pick, his relationship with Elliott and their work together. He also reveals a new album Elliott album re-issue he’s currently working on.


It was a pleasure talking to Slim, and we hope you enjoy listening to the interview as much as we did speaking to him.


Following our chat with Slim, we have a listener favourite song pick from Kellan Stover from Austin, Texas, USA.


Extra things to look at / listen to:


Last Call by Elliott Smith on Spotify


Roman Candle by Elliott Smith on Spotify


Slim shares some interesting insight on Elliott’s career in this Pitchfork article:


Slim’s profile on Kill Rock Stars